Jamie Dakota

Man with blue wool shirt kneeling in front of campfire with grill over it.

Jamie is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Howl Bushcraft. He is the Theme Camps Coordinator for the 2022 Global Bushcraft Symposium.

Having started his career in bushcraft delivering training to outdoor centre instructors for youth activities, Jamie has had the opportunity to see how the attitudes, egos, and understanding of an instructor can hugely shape what a learner takes away from a workshop.

Jamie’s approach to the Theme Camps provision has, therefore, been led by a drive to explore the pedagogical differences and similarities across a host of renowned and geographically diverse instructors who put their students at the heart of their teachings.

About the Theme Camps Jamie says “Working with a diverse mix of international professionals, we are delivering a host of excellent workshops and demonstrations which aim to put the instructor’s role at the core of sessions. We want to provide a range of workshops which delve into the heart of what we teach, and why we teach in the way we do for the greatest outcome for our students. This year’s Theme Camps aim to provide a forum to openly share knowledge and experience for all that attend. We never stop learning, at any level, and seeing how our elders, colleagues, and peers deliver aspects of their teachings will hopefully inspire a host of collaboration, innovation and passion for knowledge sharing”.

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