Fraser Christian

Man on pebble beach looking out with sea kale

Fraser Christian is the founder and lead instructor of the Coastal Survival School, based in the southwest of England, U.K.

In keeping with his coastal skill-set, Fraser is a fully Qualified Charter Skipper, MCA Commercial Endorsed Skipper. Included in these qualifications are RYA Sea Survival, VHF radio operator, navigation and first aid at sea.

Fraser was first teaching survival and bushcraft skills to his local scout group over 25 years ago and has since been lucky enough to fish, hunt and forage professionally.

He has had some amazing experiences and mentors in his life and, in turn, is pleased to share his valuable lessons and knowledge with many others. As well as teaching under his own auspices, Fraser’s past has seen him instruct the popular River Cottage – Catch and Cook, and Fish Skills courses.

Fraser is also a fully qualified chef and nutritionist with a passion for wild herbal medicines, wild food and outdoor cooking skills including preserving and smoking foods. This has helped him gain an instinctive understanding and respect of both nature and the elements.

Fraser has been published in many magazines, featured on numerous television programs, media streams, and has still found the time to write several books – Eat The Beach and Coast Hunter, with the Complete Guide To Coastal Survival, coming soon.

Fraser has immersed himself in the philosophy of “practice what you preach” and for the past 10 years has lived completely off grid, spread between the coast and a remote wild woodland, actually living the life he teaches, whilst continuing to learn, from the other animals.

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