Gordon Dedman

Man blowing tinder bundle into flame

Gordon Dedman is the founder of Bushcraft Survival Australia, an outdoor bushcraft survival school dedicated to teaching genuine and authentic modern and traditional outdoor living skills through carefully designed educational courses.

Gordon is a former member of the Australian Army 1st Commando Regiment and is presently a survival instructor in NORFORCE, an Australian Army Reserve Regional Force Surveillance Unit (RFSU). NORFORCE conducts patrols in the remote areas of Northern Australia, working closely with Aboriginal communities. The nature of NORFORCE activities is that patrols may be in the field unsupplied for considerable lengths of time so there is a strong emphasis placed on survival skills.

Gordon is also a Combat Survival SERE instructor (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) and regularly instructs on RAAF Combat Survival Training School courses in North Queensland.

Gordon has trained at and completed numerous survival and bushcraft courses and certifications worldwide at schools run by Paul Kirtley, Ray Mears, Dave Canterbury, Lofty Wiseman and Bob Cooper.

Gordon also works seasonally as an outdoor guide in Australia’s Northern Territory, taking clients on camping expeditions into Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land.

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