Monica Wilde

Foraging lady with enigmatic smile

Mo Wilde is a forager, research herbalist, author and ethnobotanist. She lives in West Lothian, Scotland, in a self-built eco house on 4 organic acres, where she encourages medicinal and foraging species to thrive in a wild, teaching garden. She has been teaching foraging formally since 2005.

After many years travelling she settled in Britain. She ran Napiers, Scotland’s oldest and most trusted herbal medicine company, and achieved a Masters degree in Herbal Medicine at the age of 50. Mo is a Fellow of the Linnean Society, a founding Member of the Association of Foragers, a Member of the British Mycological Society and a Member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).

She practices at Napiers Claid Clinic specialising in integrative medicine in the treatment of Lyme disease, lectures in herbal medicine and teaches foraging courses.

In November 2020, Mo Wilde made a quiet but radical pledge: to live only off free, foraged food for an entire year. Her book The Wilderness Cure is the story of that year. Mo will be selling and signing copies of her book after her talk at the GBS.

“Foraging is one of the last wild acts of defiance against the concrete world. Humans versus humanoids. It’s a crack in the dam, a chink of light, wild food nourishes your very soul.” – Mo Wilde.

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