Rupert Brown

Outdoors man standing in meadow

Rupert Brown is the founder and instructor at Brown’s Bushcraft, a forest craft and natural history school based in the southwest of France. He is also the creator of the Brown filter bag, an authentic reproduction of the military issue Millbank bag.

He has spent over 30 years working in an outdoor environment and being close to nature. From a young age Rupert has had an interest in natural history and always felt happiest whilst outside.

Rupert initially started working in forestry in 1987 as an apprentice combined with part time college studies in woodland management. Once his apprenticeship was complete he went on to study arboriculture for 3 years.

This led to a long career as an arborist. He has formal instructing and teaching qualifications and has been delivering both full and part time arboriculture courses since 1994.

In 2010 he wanted to move away from arboriculture and start an outdoor school. Drawing on his lifelong passion, knowledge and experience of the outdoors and natural history he started Brown’s Bushcraft. As part of his move to bushcraft instruction Rupert also gained the NCFE Advanced Bushcraft Award through John Rhyder’s Woodcraft School.

Brown’s Bushcraft has a fixed forest camp where a range of outdoor skills are taught from primitive fire lighting, shelters to tree and plant identification and their uses. Rupert also travels to run courses in other areas as well as running workshops in local schools and colleges.

Over the past ten years Rupert has run many workshops and presentations across Europe and Scandinavia. In addition, he has written magazine articles and webpages for several bushcraft magazines and websites in both French and English.

Rupert says he loves the diversity that exists within bushcraft, spending time in the wilderness and the constant opportunity to learn something new.

Rupert will be running workshops in our Theme Camps.