Rupert Loch

Man helping young person blow kindling to flame

Rupert Loch is a former Head of Science and science teacher of 15 years’ experience. His introduction to outdoor learning started in one of his schools where he was among the team who started the project. His introduction to bushcraft came through Dave Watson and a day of activities for his year 5 group. As a result Rupert trained for the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate.

While completing the training and the later assessment he realised that the range of skills and techniques could be applied to support teaching curriculum science at GCSE level, improving outcomes for students and improving connections with the natural environment.

He formed the company Feral Science in 2019 with the intention of providing ‘real’ curriculum based science delivered using bushcraft and other outdoor skills. Taking science outside offers the opportunity for practical investigations, improves learner’s ‘stickability’ and higher levels of engagement are obtained when pupils utilise effective outdoor learning. Through Feral Science he delivers direct to students within a range of education settings, provides CPD training for teachers and practitioners and writes curriculum linked lesson plans and resources for delivery by schools.

Rupert’s workshop in the Global Bushcraft Symposium Theme Camps is based around the ideas of Energy Stores and Transfers, in particular Thermal Energy, as taught in secondary physics. The workshop will investigate Insulation and Heat loss through Conduction, Convection, Radiation and Evaporation, energy from the Sun and some of the principles of Friction.