The Basics Of Axe Carving

Workshop with Julia Kalthoff

Axe carving with Julia Kalthoff

Some people think carving is done with knife only. But it’s easier to first carve the wood to shape with an axe and then use the knife just to make it smooth and clean. The axe is more efficient, and with some practice it’s very precise.

To carve with axe can be divided into six different techniques. Chopping, fine carving, making convex and concave shapes, splitting and hewing. If you are comfortable with these techniques, you have the skills to carve anything you want!

In this workshop we will start with basic safety and ergonomics, and then practice these techniques one by one. Julia will then demonstrate how to carve a spatula followed by everyone carving their own spatula using their new carving skills.

We work in green wood which carves smoother and gentler than dry wood. Through the different techniques we will notice what it feels like to carve along with the grain, chop diagonally into the grain and carve in end grain.

The workshop will teach beginners what is possible to do with the axe, and how to use the axe to the fullest. For more experienced carvers, this is perhaps a way to learn a new technique, improve ergonomics or learn to carve more effortlessly.

We have chopping blocks and axes to lend, and plenty of green wood for everyone.

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