Alex Rayner

Man wearing Karamat cap

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, Alex’s favourite childhood memories involve being in Nature.

His various outdoor pursuits sparked a desire to learn and understand more about the natural world. From there he began delving into bushcraft and wilderness living skills.

“To me, bushcraft is about re-establishing a connection with the natural world…learning wilderness skills but also developing an understanding of our environment, which allows us to be a part of nature and not merely pass through it. Bushcraft is a broad subject that overlaps so many other outdoor activities making them richer and more rewarding. I have found that through the practice of bushcraft, I can reconnect in ways where other outdoor pursuits often miss the mark.”

Alex has further advanced his learning through online courses with Paul Kirtley (Frontier Bushcraft) and attended both Summer and Winter Courses at Karamat Wilderness Ways. It was through Karamat that he met and spent some time with Mors Kochanski.

Alex returned to Karamat as a Camp Assistant for consecutive Summer and Winter Courses and began his path towards becoming an instructor. Outside of Karamat, he has been fortunate to continue to work with friends and mentors Kelly Harlton (Wildside Wilderness Connections) and Dale Kiselyk (Nature Alive Adventures). Alex has also bee a contributor to The Bushcraft Journal Magazine.

Alex’s other interests and past certifications include Level 2 CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance), Level 2 CSCF (Canadian Ski Coaches Federation), Development Level Coach – Rugby Canada, avid bird hunter (Upland and Waterfowl), mountain biking, fly fishing, canoeing, alpine and cross-country skiing.

Alex is the Sponsorship Coordinator for the 2022 Global Bushcraft Symposium. In this role Alex is responsible for coordinating efforts to gain and work with sponsors for 2022 GBS. This is a role Alex also held for the 2019 GBS.

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