Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the 2022 Global Bushcraft Symposium Being Held?

The 2022 GBS is being held in North Wales, United Kingdom. Please see the full information on the location and directions here.

When is the 2022 Global Bushcraft Symposium?

The 2022 GBS is from 27th July to 31st July 2022.

What time does the Global Bushcraft Symposium open?

Delegates can arrive at the GBS venue from 17:00 onwards on the 27th July.

What time does the Global Bushcraft Symposium finish

The 2022 GBS will finish after lunch on Sunday 31st July, officially at 14:00.

What accommodation is available at the venue?

The venue is a residential outdoor education centre.

Accommodation at the centre is largely shared bunk rooms with an en suite bathroom.

Accommodation is included in the Full Delegate Pass tickets. This will comprise single sex shared accommodation (where you will likely be sharing with other delegates).

Do I need to bring any sleeping gear?

Yes, bring a light sleeping bag or a blanket, plus a pillow case.

Is camping available at the GBS venue?

No. The GBS venue is not a campsite.

There is no camping available on the property of the venue itself.

There is, however, a 16-acre campsite directly next door to the symposium venue. See for more details.

Moreover, there is stile across the fence from the campsite to the GBS venue for any campers.

If you wish to camp next door or elsewhere in the vicinity, you should arrange it independently. There is no camping included in the GBS tickets and you cannot book camping via the GBS.

Can I park my camper van at the GBS venue and camp there?

No. The GBS is taking place at a residential outdoor activity and conference centre. It is not a campsite. There is a campsite next door. Please see above.

If I camp or otherwise stay offsite from the GBS, do I get a discount on a GBS ticket?

We have Full Delegate Pass tickets, which include accommodation, and All Days Pass tickets, which are effectively the same but without accommodation (and with the cost of accommodation subtracted). Choose the one that suits you best. We also have Single Day Pass tickets available.

What Is The Accessibility Situation At The Venue?

Accessibility is good. The venue has provided a full Access Statement, which can be downloaded here.

Is there a menu for me to choose my foods?

The kitchen will provide a range of foods based on the dietary requirements of delegates. Your dietary requirements and restrictions should be detailed on the booking form for whichever ticket you decide to purchase. Your dietary requirements can also be subsequently updated via the link in your booking confirmation.

Will there be a programme or timetable available?

Yes, there is a schedule of speaker presentations, which take place across three indoor presenation spaces and a timetable of theme camp workshops and demonstrations, which take place across five outdoor theme camp spaces, plus on the adjoining lake.

Please see our Global Bushcraft Symposium schedule page for more details.

Can I rent a stall or register as a trader at the GBS?

The GBS is neither a consumer show nor a trade show. It is a symposium for knowledge sharing via talks, presentations, demonstrations and workshops. There are no vendor pitches to hire.

Can I Video The Talks, Presentations and Workshops At the GBS?

The short answer is no.

Many Theme Camp workshoppers don’t necessarily want to be filmed (or at least their lessons put wholesale on the internet for free); plus we are filming indoor presentations (see below for more details on this).

In the Ticket Terms and Conditions it explicitly states “7.4 The unauthorised audio or video recording of presentations is prohibited. Audio and video recording equipment is not permitted in presentation areas. GBSL reserves the right to insist that such equipment is left outside the presentation areas. The unauthorised use of recording equipment (whether audio or visual) is prohibited. This includes video recording on mobile phones, laptops and tablets (as well as camera and video recording equipment).

Everyone with a Full Delegate Pass or an All Days Pass will receive a package of professionally filmed and edited videos of indoor presentations (unless the speaker has objected to being filmed). This is included in the ticket price. Moreover, if purchasing a Single Day Pass, there is the option of purchasing this video package too. There is no need for people to be filming any of it.

How Do I Get To The GBS?

Global Bushcraft Symposium location and travel information is located here.

Something Else?

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