Dr Lisa Fenton

Two happy people with cold weather parka hoods
Dr Lisa Fenton with her son, Finn.

In 2019, Dr. Lisa Fenton was invited to present a Keynote at the first Global Bushcraft Symposium in Canada. Upon completion of this significant event, Lisa was invited to co-chair the 2022 Global Bushcraft Symposium in the UK.

Wilderness bushcraft educator, ethnobotanist, mother and; academic, Lisa is passionate in exploring the relationship between Bushcraft & Indigenous Knowledges, land-based survival technologies, and bushcraft skills for education and wellbeing. Having written the first doctorate in the Ethnobiology of Bushcraft and its relationship with traditional ecological knowledge systems, Lisa has since created a Postgraduate MA Bushcraft pathway, offered by the University of Cumbria, Institute for Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies. Lisa has further published several scholarly papers concerning Bushcraft as radical Education, and Bushcraft and its relationship to Rewilding.

Far from being an Ivory-tower academic, however, Dr. Lisa Fenton has instructed bushcraft and survival techniques for two decades, drawing from a wealth of experience that includes teaching across all major biomes, as well as leading international conservation projects, and contributing to mainstream media developments.

Lisa is dedicated to the importance of integrating bushcraft and survival field-skills with academic insight into the histories, relationship to Indigenous knowledges, philosophical and theoretical contexts.

Find out more about, and connect with, Lisa via her website at www.lisafenton.com

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