Andrew Thomas Price

man walking in the woods, looking to the side

Andrew Thomas Price is bushcraft and survival instructor, and broadcaster, from South Wales in the UK.

Andrew’s interest in outdoor living and self reliance began at the tender age of eight years old while foraging for mussels and periwinkles on the shoreline of the Gower Peninsular with his grandfather. He would later go on to travel extensively in order to further his understanding of indigenous cultures, including spending time with the Orang Asli people of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Andrew founded his company Dryad Bushcraft in 2004. Dryad specialises in training for individuals and groups in survival and bushcraft skills as well as experiential archaeology.

His most recent work is focussed on the development of a programme of bushcraft courses aimed at improved mental health and wellbeing. This will allow doctors to prescribe outdoor activities to compliment medication in the treatment of conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Andrew is a Mountain Leader and honorary fellow of Cardiff University Archaeology Department.

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